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B i o g r a p h y

Hanne Rekdal has distinguished herself as a freelance musician on both flute and bassoon in several genres. She has played concerts in Norway and abroad with various orchestras and ensembles. In addition to having studied classical music with teachers such as Dag Jensen, Torkil Bye and Cecilie Løken, she has become a sought-after improviser in various styles. Among others, Thomas Strønen, Augusto Fernandez and Rolf Erik Nystrøm have been teachers and supervisors for Hanne in improvisation. Hanne has collaborated with several of the country's leading musicians and composers and is engaged and active in the music community in Oslo. She has been a solo flutist / bassoonist in several orchestras, runs the contemporary music quartet Tøyen Fil og Klafferi, has been involved in arranging the improvisation concert series Fritt Fall and in ensembles such as Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, neoN and Oslo Sinfonietta. In addition to her specialization in contemporary music, Hanne loves to play baroque music, and has studied traverso for several years.

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